A Windfarm
(a standing simulator)
by Paws Menu
featuring the musical composition;
"Scandinavian Water"
composed by Paws Menu

Welcome to the Sushi Coast. The brilliant yellow windmills of the Alkbraigcht Windfarm generate natural wind energies for the entire coastline of Featherbow. The coastline stretches from Peppermilk City in the North all the way down and into the Tarine Valley, sprinkled with the lemon coloured wind catchers. The only residents living on the coast and inside the array are the Uirez Family, who make their dwelling on the only homestead in a day's walk from anywhere. Kamle Uirez tends to the fabled Black Lighthouse at the headland, and her wife,  Amma, is chief engineer over the Sushi Coast Array. If you visit when the skies turn Turquoisine, you may even bare witness to the great Psittacinae migration from the White Forests to the west.

"Aye, those blasted mills. Son, do you remember that budgie you had as a youngin'? What was it's name again? Ah, Kipps! That's right, your blue budgie named Kipps. I can't walk past those got damned windmills without thinking about the day he flew out the living room window and straight into the damn things. You cried for days!"

a conversation over a cup of tea between Kamle Uirez and Amma Uirez
while she spoke to the mailman who she mistook for her son.

inspired by The Earth, Mars, The Moon and Jupiter 


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