A Lighthouse
(a standing simulator)
by Paws Menu
featuring the musical compositions,
"Peruvian Literature" and "Austrian Trigonometry"
composed by Paws Menu

Enjoy the view from the coast of Hjēllšblüm, with such sights as the famous Mangorock Lighthouse to the north, Peppermilk City visible over the mountains to the west, and take in the beautiful warm sunset as it turns the skies custard crimson.

"Well son, it reminds me of my childhood,
out on the cape, when your old grandpappy and me would sneak up to the lighthouse that was down yonder from our cottage. We'd turn off the light so ships would wreck upon the shores and we could loot em. That's how I made my fortune, you remember..."

a few words from Ghoula Thundercrown
journalist with The Daily

inspired by Céline Veltman, Mark Twain, Hypatia and Enya


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