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2016 Fermi Paradox Jam Entry: Fermiphonic by Paws Menu

Fermiphonic is a poetry generator and music creation toy. Inspired by the notion of life's seemingly impossible rarity in the universe; explore sounds inspired by the infinite distances of space, and create your own unique pieces in the form of a song, or a poem.

Fermiphonic utilises pre-recorded notes and sounds that are encouraged to be used together, layered on top of each other, as well as to facilitate both huge walls of sounds and a subtle, quiet ambient pieces.

A Button will cycle a new poem line on the relevant screens.
Left Mouse Click will allow you to interact with the musical nodes.

feel free to make your own songs and share them how you like, poems too, i would love to see what combinations you can create!

feel free to browse the video of exploring making music and poetry in tandem, using the program. (found in the side bar above screenshots - was recorded with a slightly earlier version of the program, but you should get the general mode of interaction)

Fermiphonic is made by Michael Berto (aka Paws Menu)
using gamemaker for mac
All recorded music samples by Paws Menu
All artwork by Paws Menu,
The coding and all that too.

@thesaveroom on twitter


**made in just under ten days for #fermijam, on my downtime from working on "Radio Silence" with Alamantus GameDev, also made in a similar time frame for #fermijam.

Install instructions


fermiphonic is a standalone app for mac OSX, requires no installation and should just work when clicked on, but some people have reported some trouble opening the app. The following link should provide a solution to the "this .app is broken" error messages.



fermiphonic.zip (368 MB)

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